We find your new customers

Making the call is making progress

Our service

The path to new customer growth

Extensive briefing

Senior agents on staff

Unique portal with all data

We find your customers

Improve your sales

12 contact moments per hour
Continuous improvement based on data
Everything we do is transparent

Our goal

Finding your new customers

Do you recognize the challenge that many people face when it comes to finding new customers? Let’s be honest, good leads are not easy to come by. And where do you even begin?

Often, you’re too busy to regularly take the time to pick up the phone and approach potential customers. Or you may become disheartened after trying four times.

That’s why our sales professionals are here to do that work for you. At MÄSTARE, we work with the most advanced systems and enthusiastic individuals who have a deep passion for cold calling.

Our sales professionals reach out to 10-15 potential customers in an hour, allowing us to engage with a large number of businesses in your target audience. And the more people we talk to, the more information we gather about their thought process and needs. Valuable information that you can use to chart the right course for your company.

Thanks to all the data we collect and the ongoing discussions we have with you, we continuously improve the results.

We want to know who you are

Extensive briefing

What is your ideal customer? Together, we will determine this by carefully defining the target audience. You will have an in-depth discussion with one of our project managers about what your ideal customer looks like, where they are located, and how large they are.

Furthermore, we want to know as much as possible about your organization and how you want us to represent ourselves. After all, we work on your behalf.

Our commitment

Appointment setting

Once a solid strategy is in place, and you are in agreement with it, the sales agent is trained by us, and an introduction with your team is scheduled. This way, you’ll have a clear picture of the agent who will be making calls on your behalf.

Following that, we begin reaching out to prospects and identify their needs for your service/product. When we are confident that there is a need and interest, we will schedule an appointment in your calendar. This ensures that you only attend high-quality appointments.

Our guarantee

Improve continuously

By continuously monitoring all the data, we can consistently improve the results. We maintain ongoing communication with our sales agents and use their feedback to adjust the strategy in collaboration with you, where necessary.

All data is meticulously recorded in our system, providing both us and you with the ultimate view of progress and pinpointing areas for improvement as well as opportunities.

We give you all the insight

Own unique portal

At MÄSTARE, you will receive access credentials to our unique portal, where you can find all the data in detail. In addition to the schedule that shows when the sales agent will be calling on your behalf, you can track all conversations live in the portal, download all necessary data, view dashboards, and much more.

Your result

Growing with new customers

It’s time to grow your business. You provide a professional service on all fronts, resulting in an efficient working environment. And that requires a solid and powerful sales partner for consistent growth.

Your sales is our business.

Our promise

Core values


Outsourcing sales should be accessible to everyone. Small, medium, and large.


You may do business with us, but you certainly shouldn't have to. We don't have long contracts.


An appointment through MÄSTARE means there is a need and an opportunity for an assignment.

Completely clear


At MÄSTARE, our focus is on making it accessible for all businesses to hire new business sales specialists. Thanks to our all-in monthly bundles (similar to a phone plan), our services are cost-effective and within reach of all budgets.

All our bundles include full service and tools; only the monthly calling hours vary. You pay only for the actual calling hours; everything else, such as briefings, interim discussions, agent training, and all tools, is our investment.

Fixed monthly prices

No additional costs

only 1 month notice period

Flexible change of bundle


10 hour per month
  • 10 hour sales p.m
  • Project manager
  • Briefing
  • Reports
  • 24/7 portal


15 hour per month
  • 15 hour sales p.m.
  • Project manager
  • Briefing
  • Reports
  • 24/7 portal


20 hour per month
  • 20 hour sales p.m.
  • Project manager
  • Briefing
  • Reports
  • 24/7 portal


30 hour per month
  • 30 hour sales p.m.
  • Project manager
  • Briefing
  • Reports
  • 24/7 portal


40 hour per month
  • 40 hour sales p.m.
  • Project manager
  • Briefing
  • Reports
  • 24/7 portal


50 hor per month
  • 50 hour sales p.m.
  • Project manager
  • Briefing
  • Reports
  • 24/7 portal

For who?

For every B2B organization


How it started

About us

Outsource sales for everyone

Founder Bob Slikkerveer identified a need among small and medium-sized entrepreneurs for support in the cold sales process. Due to time constraints or a lack of the right tools and/or knowledge, it often proves challenging for a business to secure meetings with new potential clients.

After working in sales for years, from business developer to commercial director at American multinationals, Bob quit his job to establish MÄSTARE. Armed with just a laptop and a headset, he began actively reaching out to his potential clients through cold calling from his kitchen table.

Since then, MÄSTARE has grown into a powerful and reputable partner for small, medium, and large companies, with 4 locations in the Netherlands. We continue to assist our clients in finding their ideal customers.

Let's meet

Management Team

Bob Slikkerveer

Director and founder

Zuid-Holland | Noord-Brabant | Zeeland | Utrecht

Gideon van Vugt


Noord-Holland | Flevoland

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Blaak 520


Piet Heinkade 55


Goeman Borgesiuslaan 77

Den Bosch

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